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Specialised industry cleaning phrases we can offer as part of our service or terminology we can help you understand further

If you have heard a cleaning related phrase and either want to know if Roger Needle's cleaning company can offer the specialised phrase as part of our cleaning service, or you would like more information about it before contacting us please read our compendium below.

If you know of one that we have not listed - or would like more information on any of phrases - please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Cable cars windows being cleaned

Reach N wash® or Pure water fed pole window cleaning
Reach N wash®, or reach and washy window cleaning is when your windows are cleaned using a pure water pole cleaning system. This type of window cleaning provides cleaner, streak free, windows over manual cleaning techniques. This is due to the fact the Reach N Wash pole system uses 100% pure de-ionised water. This water is passed through 6 filters which eliminates the fluoride, lime, chlorine and other minerals which can cause streaks to happen and attract dirt to the windows at a much faster rate.
Telescopic vacuum, or ladderless, gutter cleaning
Our telescopic vacuum gutter cleaner is a ladderless gutter cleaner that cleans your guttering from the ground. Our ladderless gutter cleaner has a video camera attached to it - which is sent up on a telescopic pole - so you can view pictures of before and after we cleaned your guttering.
Heated ladderless window cleaning
Heated ladderless window cleaning use a pole cleaning system to clean your windows from the ground using hot water. This type of window cleaning can provide streak free cleaning up to an impressive 55 storeys high. This is accomplished as the professional pole cleaning system can send pure heated de-ionised water to this height effectively.
Pure dioinised water
Pure de-ionised water is distilled water that is purified by filtering out the impurities that naturally occur in water. Once standard water dries the imperfections leave residues open evaporation. These residues then cause streaks and can occur other debris and dirt in the air to cling to the windows allowing them to become dirty quickly after being cleaned. If pure dioinised water is used when you have your windows professionally cleaned this does not happen as this impurities are removed.
Cherry pickers
A Cherry picker is a hydraulic crane with a railed platform at the end for raising and lowering people to work at height to clean windows that are several stories up. An alternative to Cherry Picking window cleaning is a professional window cleaning company that uses a ladderless Reach N Wash® window cleaning system, as this ladderless cleaning system can effectively clean up to 55 storeys.
The IOSH is Europe's leading chartered body for health and safety professionals and can boast over 36,000 members. Of which our cleaning company is registered member.
Federation of window cleaners
The Federation of window cleaners has been active since 1947 and was is an authoritative organization specifically concerned with the window cleaning industry. Our cleaning company is a registered member of this organisation and their charter of good code of practise.
Contractor plus
The contractor plus are an organisation who have a database of contractors who have been rigorously vetted to ensure their health and safety standards are of the highest quality. We are proud to announce we are part of this database.
Public liability insurance
Public liability insurance is insurance which covers injury or death to anyone on or around your property. Roger Needle's cleaning company has Public liability insurance up to 5 million pounds.
Working at height legislation
The 2005 Working at Height legislation means that you, as the owner or occupier of a building, are responsible for ensuring that any work undertaken at your premises conforms to Health and Safety legislation.

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