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Solar panel cleaning service in Birmingham and the West Midlands from only £30 a year

Why do I need my solar panels cleaned?

Your solar panels need cleaning on an annual basis due to dirt in the atmosphere. This atmospheric dirt clings to your solar panels adding a film of grime which dramatically reduces your panels performance.

The grime reduces your panels performance by preventing your solar panels from receiving the maximum amount of sunlight that the panel can take in. This makes your solar panels less efficient and it is this inefficiency then has an effect on their performance and the amount of profit they return to you over the year.

Hot water system cleaning residential solar panelsClose up of solar panels being cleaned

So how much money will I lose if I do not have my solar panels cleaned at least once a year?

Cleaning your solar panels can be very cost effective as a dirty solar panel can lose 25% of it's efficiency annually.Cleaning your panels can cost from as little as £30 once a year, depending on their size and location. This £30 yearly investment can see a return of up to £1500 from your energy supplier every year! Proving just how cost effective it can be just to keep your solar panels clean.

Live out side of Birmingham but still want your solar panels professionally cleaned?

Not a problem. When contacting us please simply state where you live and we will give you a quote that will cover our petrol to your destination and our standard cleaning rate for our Birmingham solar panel clients.

What is the professional process that goes into cleaning solar panels?

We have invested heavily in the latest ladderless cleaner which is ideal for cleaning solar panels. This ladderless cleaner uses a pure water system which has a reach of 70 feet. This reach gives our cleaning company the perfect cleaning system for solar panels. The pure water has had all the fluoride, calcium, chlorine and minerals filtered away, so it cannot leave any cleaning residue on your panels either.

This is important because if residue is left behind after cleaning this residue can cause more atmospheric material to stick to your panels. The warm water will also clean any green algae off your panels and as a result once cleaned your solar panels will return to their original performance.

Due to the fact that our ladder less system uses only 100% pure de-ionised water no environmentally unfriendly chemicals are used on your solar panels. This means that you do not need to consider the EU legislation over chemicals being released into the environment from cleaning.

You do not need to worry about the 2005 Working at Height legislation

Our professional uniformed solar panel cleaners use the latest solar panel cleaner. This benefits you because you do not have to worry about the 2005 Working at Height legislation.

This legislation unfortunately means that as the owner or occupier of a building you are responsible for ensuring that any work undertaken at your premises conforms to Health and Safety regulations. If you do not and a solar panel cleaner falls from a height while cleaning your panels you are unfortunately liable.

However as our solar panel cleaning company does not use ladders, instead we clean from the ground, this is therefore not possible with us. This allows you to have more time for your company, or day to day tasks, and less time spent worrying about injuries that could happen to solar panel cleaners who use substandard solar panel cleaning equipment and or practises.

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