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Cladding Cleaning in Birmingham and the West Midlands

Roger Needle offers a unique cladding cleaning service in Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield. Our cladding cleaning company use a heated ladderless cladding cleaner. At the moment we are the only cladding cleaning company in Birmingham to offer this to our customers at no extra cost.

Cladding being cleaned and restoredDirt being cleaned from cladding

So what are the benefits of your heated ladderless cladding cleaner when you are cleaning my companies cladding?

Our heated ladderless cladding cleaner uses the most up-to-date pole system to put pure hot water up to 60 feet onto your cladding - 13 metres, and even higher using a cherry-picker. This water is passed through 6 filters to produce totally pure water which does not leave any marks or dirt attracting residue afterwards.

Our ladderless cleaner is connected to our Honda Pressure Washer, which can produce up to 200 water bar, adjustable if less pressure is required, the curtained, spinning water-jets ensure a high standard deep cleaning job, big or small.

This means that your building will not only look cleaner but will last longer between visits as atmospheric dirt wont stick to any residue left behind.

We do not use chemicals of any kind, so it is an environmentally-friendly system, backed-up by experienced personnel who hold Health & Safety certifications.

Our ladderless cladding cleaner is not a pressure washer that can damaged your cladding's protective layer but a non-abrasive cleaning system that has a neutral PH level. A neutral PH level is the standard architect criteria when cleaning these types of surfaces.

Will you need me to supply water at my premises to be able to clean my cladding?

No. Our company vans are fully self sufficient and contain the water we require. These vans contain the latest state of the art hot boilers, at no extra cost to you. This means that you don't need to provide us with a water source at your company's premises and thus waste money on a large water bill unlike other sub standard cleaning companies.

Why do I need my cladding cleaned?

We are specialists in cladding cleaning and as a result we can dramatically restore your building facades on industrial and commercial buildings as the pictures to the right demonstrate. This enhancement of the appearance of your premises gives your customers the right impression before they even enter your building; which gives them a better first impression of your company before you even greet them.

But more importantly as dirt and grime builds up over time it can weaken the Aluminium or Steel cladding panels through corrosion. This weakening means your cladding will need to be replaced earlier than expected at an extra cost to yourself. But by our regular specialized cladding cleaning service you can lower future costs and dramatically extend the life of your cladding. This will save you considerable money in large repairs down the road.

Regular cleaning of your cladding as well stops your cladding from becoming permanently discoloured which keeps your building looking new and your business professional.

Do not worry about the 2005 Working at Height legislation

Due to the 2005 Working at Height legislation you as the owner or occupier of a building are responsible for ensuring that any work undertaken at your premises conforms to the latest Health and Safety legislation. If you do not and a cladding cleaner unfortunately falls you can be liable.

Due to the fact that our cladding cleaning equipment is ladderless this allows us to get rid of the need for ladders or cherry pickers in our cleaning of your cladding.

We also hold full Public Liability Insurance so you are in safe, as well as very experienced, hands.

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