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Types of buildings our window cleaning company can cover

Due to the fact our window cleaning company has invested heavily in the latest window cleaning technology, the heated ladderless window cleaning system we can clean any building that is under 55 Feet high, or roughly 6 storeys.

This means that we can offer window cleaning services to house's, apartments, nursing homes, schools, offices, churches, factories,retail premises,and pubs to name a few.

Our house, home or residential window cleaning services

Our window cleaning company has invested heavily in the latest window cleaning technology to hit the market, a ladderless window cleaning system, which not only gives you exceptional better cleaning with no streaks, due to the fact that our ladderless system uses only 100% pure de-ionised water but no environmentally unfriendly chemicals are used on your windows.

Cleaning operative using our ladderless cleaning system

This also means that we can clean conservatory roofs to a very high standard, which other window cleaners, who do not use the ladderless system approach to window cleaning, can not clean at all.

Our apartment window cleaning services

Our window cleaning company clean many apartment blocks and do not even require the use of Cherry Pickers to do so. The photos to the left are of ' The Hemisphere ' a 250 luxury apartment block in Birmingham. As you can see our experience and use of the latest window cleaning technology means that not only can we offer you window cleaning services on apartment blocks, but we also do not need the space to operate cherry pickers to do so, nor do you run the risk of the Cherry Picker damaging your property or premises.

Our nursing home window cleaning services

Due to the fact that we do not have to be on the same floor as our window cleaning technology this means your clients wont be disturbed during the day but it also means to you as the manager of your nursing home that you won't need to plan around times that your clients would worry about their dignity due to inappropriate times.

Our school window cleaning services

Currently Roger Needle Window Cleaners clean over a dozen schools but due to our working hours these can be cleaned outside the normal school hours, in the school holidays or on a Saturday. This means to you as the principle that you do not have to worry about our window cleaning services disrupting your teachers lessons nor will it disrupt classes where children need to have dedicate time to concentrate on there school work and not be disrupted by the school looking clean.

Our office and retail window cleaning services

Roger Needle window cleaning services currently have a large amount of offices on our books. We currently clean the WSP offices for example and we can clean your offices windows by appointment if needed.

Our church, pub and historical building window cleaning services

Our window cleaning company have the expertise to clean old historical building as not just standard window cleaning techniques can be used due to damaging the building.Due to our investment in a ladderless window cleaning system you will not have to worry about Cherry Pickers coming on to the grounds and the potential damage they can do to the grounds and the building. But this equipment does more than just protect your building from the havoc Cherry Pickers can cause, they also 100% pure de-ionised water so no detergent's or chemicals enter into the soil or get washed into streams and rivers from our window cleaning keeping you within the EU regulations but not only are no chemicals used the water is also PH neutral, which stops old protective coating on the building from being literally washed away by aggressive acidic cleaning methods.

Our heated ladderless window cleaning system is also ideal when it comes to cleaning stained glass windows.

For our Pubs window cleaning service we can clean both the inside and outside as requested.

Our factory window cleaning services

Our window cleaning company currently clean's many factories, which means that we have the equipment and experience needed. But as we use a heated ladderless window cleaning system it also allows you not to worry about the 2005 Working at Height legislation. This legislation means that you, as the owner or occupier of a building, are responsible for ensuring that any work undertaken at your premises conforms to Health and Safety legislation. Due to the fact that our ladderless window cleaning equipment, is ladderless it therefore eliminates the need for ladders, or damage to your premises from cherry pickers, by using a water fed pole system instead. This works as it our allows our trained windows cleaners to clean great height from the ground.

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